We partner with Maasai leaders to further the Gospel by providing resources to plant churches, train pastors, and educate children while helping meet the physical needs such as food, water, and healthcare.


To reach, gather, and empower Maasai people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

How it all began

In 1996 Mike Nevil committed to go on a construction trip to the village of Empukani in Kenya. From the moment he got there he knew the Lord was calling him to something much greater than just the building of churches. He felt the calling to form relationships, provide resources, and equip the community with the Gospel. Mission Maasai was created through this commitment of intentional fellowship, discipleship, and a continual desire to boldly witness to the Maasai community.

First Empukani Church - Mission Maasai

The Four pillars

Everything we do at Mission Maasai falls under of of these four pillars. We restore brokenness in the community by meeting basic human needs of food, water, healthcare, and safety. We resource the local church with funds and facilities to evangelize, disciple, educate and empower the Maasai people. We develop Christian leaders for church leadership, teaching and pastoral care, and economic advancement. We multiply Maasai leaders, church, community and social development in measurable ways.

The Maasai people

The Maasai people are a nomadic tribe that inhabit most of northern, central and southern Kenya as well as northern Tanzania. They are most known for their consistent Maasai customs as well as their colorful and distinct dress. The Maasai people make their living through cattle trading, farming (mostly beans and corn), as well as jewelry trading at the market. Many of our ministry efforts focus on the small Maasai village of Empukani in Kenya. It’s a village far off the map. Just getting there is like a great safari adventure! See Empukani on Google Earth.

Meet the Team

Pastor Timothy Moilo

Pastor Timothy Moilo was the very first pastor in Empukani. He was actually the pastor of the church Mike Nevil built over 25 years ago. Pastor Timothy is a faithful follower of Jesus and leads the vision of Mission Maasai in Empukani as the hands and feet. Pastor Timothy runs all of our evangelism efforts, our Seminary program, and he is the lead pastor at Empukani Church.

Dr. Moses

Dr. Moses is a highly respected man in the Maasai community and in 2017 decided to step in as our primary doctor at the Empukani Health Clinic. Dr. Moses is a licensed primary care doctor and the pastor of his own church a few kilometers away from the clinic.

Faith Pariat

Faith Pariat is one of Timothy Moilo’s daughters. Faith is our Administrative Assistant on the ground in Empukani. She checks in weekly on our sponsor a child program and makes sure all of our students’ needs are met while enrolled in the Empukani Primary School. Faith is also a registered nurse and works part-time assisting Dr. Moses at the Empukani Health Clinic.


Paulo is our village guard! Paulo is loved by so many and you have likely seen him in our pictures…he loves the camera. Paulo is our Health Clinic guard, making sure everything in the clinic is locked up and secure. He also makes sure our groups from America are safe and protected during their time in Empukani. We love Paulo!


Jackson is our borehole specialist. Jackson makes sure our borehole is running smoothly and efficiently. He has been trained on the maintenance of the borehole and we are so grateful for his skills that keep water running in the village.

Brandi Salinas

Brandi Salinas is our Ministry Coordinator. She makes sure all of our programs, trips, and events run smoothly so that we can continue to reach the Maasai people with the Gospel of Jesus.

Board of Directors

Mike Nevil

Mike Nevil is the founder of Mission Maasai and continues to oversee the ministry as a whole. Mike is a family-man whose desire to know and follow Jesus led him to starting Mission Maasai many years ago and now, he is continually amazed at all the Lord has done.

Andrew Gwynn

Andrew Gwynn became involved in Mission Maasai because of his father-in-law, Mike. He soon realized the Lord was stirring up a passion in him to reach more Maasai people for God’s glory. Andrew’s motto is “will this get more people to heaven?” Andrew desires to see every Maasai family in heaven one day as he heads most of our evangelism projects in the area.

Jeff Jenkins

Jeff Jenkins is the pastor of Anchor Church in McKinney, Texas. Jeff’s heart is geared toward the pastors of Empukani. He desires to disciple, admonish, and equip our pastors with more leadership, teaching, and preaching skills. We are so grateful to have Jeff leading our training programs.